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1. Introducing container-native load balancing on Google Kubernetes Engine (cloud.google.com)
Published: Saturday, 13 October 2018.  By:Neha Pattan, Minhan Xia. Google Cloud
In the past few years, developers have moved en masse to containers for their ease-of-use, portability and performance. Today, we’re excited to announce that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) now offers container-native load balancing for applications running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Kubernetes on Compute Engine, reaffirming containers as first-class citizens on GCP.
2. A developer onramp to Kubernetes with GKE (cloud.google.com)
Published: Monday, 08 October 2018.  By:William Denniss Product Manager, Google Kubernetes Engine
In the four years since we launched Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), it has become a fast favorite among enterprises running large container-based applications in production. But even the biggest, most mission-critical system was once just a prototype, and even the largest organization was once just a startup.
3. Digging into Kubernetes 1.12 (cloud.google.com)
Published: Monday, 08 October 2018.  By:Craig Box, Google Cloud
Digging into Kubernetes 1.12
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