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1. Benchmark results of Kubernetes network plugins (CNI) over 10Gbit/s network (itnext.io)
Published: Friday, 30 November 2018.
Kubernetes is a great orchestator for containers. But it does not manage network for Pod-to-Pod communication. This is the mission of Container Network Interfaces (CNI) plugins which are a standardized way to achieve network abstraction for container clustering tools (Kubernetes, Mesos, OpenShift, etc.)
2. Istio ingress and the all-host gateway (itnext.io)
Published: Tuesday, 23 October 2018.  By:Heiko W. Rupp
For Istio to correctly route your traffic and apply all the rules an admin has set up, it is necessary to make the traffic through an ingress-gateway. A virtual service then does the URL matching and distribution to the target services.
3. Kubernetes Resource Statistics (itnext.io)
Published: Thursday, 11 October 2018.  By:Michael Hausenblas, Red Hat
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