Technical: Support for Azure VMSS, Cluster-Autoscaler and User Assigned Identity
With Kubernetes v1.12, Azure virtual machine scale sets (VMSS) and cluster-autoscaler have reached their General Availability (GA) and User Assigned Identity is available as a preview feature. Azure VMSS allow you to create and manage identical, load balanced VMs that automatically increase or decrease based on demand or a set schedule. This enables you to easily manage and scale multiple VMs to provide high availability and application resiliency, ideal for large-scale applications like container workloads. Cluster autoscaler allows you to adjust the size of the Kubernetes clusters based on the load conditions automatically. Another exciting feature which v1.12 brings to the table is the the ability to use User Assigned Identities with Kubernetes clusters. In this article, we will do a brief overview of VMSS, cluster autoscaler and user assigned identity features on Azure.

Published about 1 year ago. By: Kube Admin

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