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Tools - new release / How to access minikube/kind/k3s logs from GitHub actions

By How to access minikube/kind/k3s logs from GitHub actions

Published by :Jared

Tools - new release / Release of KubeVault v0.3.0 - Tools for running HashiCorp Vault on Kubernetes

Published by :Kube Admin

KubeVault is a Kubernetes operator for HashiCorp Vault. Vault is a tool for secrets management, encryption as a service, and privileged access management. Deploying, maintaining, and managing Vault in Kubernetes could be challenging. KubeVault operator makes it easy to deploy, maintain and manage Vault servers in Kubernetes. It covers automatic initialization and unsealing, and securely stores unseal keys and root tokens in a cloud KMS (Key Management Service) service. KubeVault operator eases these operational tasks so that developers can focus on solving business problems.
Tools - new release / Traefik 2.0 is out

Published by :Kube Admin

Traefik 2.0 is out. A lot of new features.
Tools - new release / Announcing etcd 3.4

By Gyuho Lee (Amazon Web Services, @gyuho), Jingyi Hu (Google, @jingyih)

Published by :Kube Admin

etcd 3.4 focuses on stability, performance and ease of operation, with features like pre-vote and non-voting member and improvements to storage backend and client balancer.
Tools - new release / Helm v3 Beta 1 Released

By Helm team

Published by :Kube Admin

Helm v3 development has hit a new milestone with the release of the first beta. This is an especially important milestone because it is the end of the effort to refactor Helm v3. The last of the intended breaking changes has landed. From this point on, Helm v3 is focused on bug fixes, stability, and preparing it for a stable release.
Tools - new release / Azure/application-gateway-kubernetes-ingress (0.1.3). Ingress controller that can be run on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to allow an Azure Application Gateway

Published by :Kube Admin

This is an ingress controller that can be run on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to allow an Azure Application Gateway to act as the ingress for an AKS cluster